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5th Avenue Park Class - Inglewood

Join us on Saturday afternoons at 11:00 pm for a 60 minute energizing Tai Chi/Qigong class that will build strength, improve balance and build inner peace.

The class will be held in the beautiful island-like park on 5th avenue in Inglewood. Learn to enhance your natural immune system and deepen your inner energy or Qi (Chi) cultivation along with producing a harmonious unification of the mind, body and spirit while toning and lengthening muscles and tendons.

The class is located in circle park just four blocks north of West Manchester Blvd on 5th Ave., in Inglewood, CA.

Dates: On-going


Sat:11:00AM - 12:00PM

Cost: Free - You must RSVP by clicking here if you would like to attend this class.

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