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Samuel Barnes

Director and Founder

Samuel Barnes is the director of Tai Chi Works Studio and the Qigong Healing Institute in Beverly Hills. He has been teaching Tai Chi for over 43 years and is a master teacher of these popular health practices from the East. He has traveled extensively in China and Tibet cultivating a deep understanding of these practices so he can share them clearly with the West. He also teaches Qigong, Hsing I, Bagua, Chinese Yoga, Therapeutic Qigong and Meditation. While an active lecturer internationally most recently presenting with the “National Qigong Association” (NQA) and the “World Congress on Qigong, Tai Chi and Traditional Chinese Medicine”. He is the featured presenter of the well known DVD "Element Tai Chi for Beginners” and is pioneering online class content to allow Tai Chi and Qigong to be easily accessed in the main stream by developing hundreds classes for seniors in recents years through several online venues including the throughly modern American Specialty Health’s (ASH) “Silver&Fit” online program. He is well known for leading 3-35 day deep world wide travel immersions in Tai Chi, Qigong and Meditation and has an extensive private practice with clients locally and online.

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