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Holmby Park Classes - New Class starts August 28, 2023


This tai chi class is scheduled on Mondays and is well-known for bringing the mind, body and spirit together to improve balance, prevent injury and promote good health. This powerful yet peaceful martial art will help clear the mind, reduce stress, enhance flexibility along with promoting overall wellness. The steps are soft and the slow movements are simple. The postures and movements all accord with the principles of yin and yang and build an intimate awareness with one’s natural internal and external energy building a great sense of inner peace.. The class will be held in the Holmby Park and includes the Eight Pieces of Brocade practices.  Holmby Park is located near Westwood, UCLA and Bel Air.


Classes For First Time Students


Dates: starts August 28, 2023


Hours: 9:30-10:30am


Cost: $135.00 (six weeks)

Push Hands and Qi Cultivation - Private Instruction Only

These 60 minute sessions will enhance your current practice with Tai Chi or Qigong. In this class you will learn to interact with others with Qi. Push Hands is an interactive energy activity that teaches the student how to root into the ground, cultivate more qi and to extend qi outward. Basic push hands principles are built around qi cultivation techniques along with interior and exterior neutralization of in-coming qi from others. After each class you will feel a new level of energy that cannot be explained but only experienced.

Experienced push hands practitioners learn to interact with others with more advanced techniques. Your rootedness will deepen and you will begin to shape your push hands skills into your own unique practice. More advanced push hands principles are built on the foundations established from basic practices and after each class you will continue to feel newer and more expanded levels of energy cultivation and realize a great power that has be resting in your inner nature that is ready to be fully embodied and utilized by you! 

Dates: Call to Schedule a Session at 310-722-8877

Cost: $225.00 (60 Minutes)

Hours: Call 310-722-8877 to schedule private training session

Try a Holmby Park Class of Qigong & Tai Chi (Single Class Rate)

Try any Holmby Park class to experience these healing arts by pre-paying on line below. Learn to enhance your natural immune system and deepen your inner energy or Qi (Chi) cultivation along with producing a harmonious unification of the mind, body and spirit while toning and lengthening muscles and tendons.

Dates: Single Class Rate

Hours: TBA Class times listed above

Cost: $50.00

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