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Maki Guelcher

Welcome to teacher training for the Element Short Form certification!

It is time to pay online the balance of $425.00 below for the five one hour private lessons ($85.00 ea) that will be scheduled during the next 10 weeks. This payment includes one test as your final exam before certification is issued. If you do not pass this test then each additional testing is $85.00. Your training course is centered on the ten tai chi classes in Roxbury Park at 8:00 - 9:00am on Saturdays, daily study of the Element Tai Chi DVD and your 5 private lessons. The Roxbury Park class cost is billed separately through the City of Beverly Hills

It is important that you practice daily using the Element Tai Chi for Beginners DVD to assimilate the information in that DVD as it's material is the basis for final testing for certification in June/July 2013.

I am excited about your intention to become a certified teacher and I am always available for you to answer questions at 310-722-8877.


Samuel Barnes

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