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Teacher Certification

Bring Tai Chi and Qigong into your community or call 310-722-8877 to locate a certified instructor near you.


Tai Chi Work's certified instructors are among the best trained in the country. It would be our pleasure to train you and put your new teaching skills to work. Whether you are a yoga instructor, fitness trainer or just would like to become an ETCC (Element Tai Chi Certified) teacher of tai chi and qigong please call 310-722-8877 to receive the details of this training program.


Click here to fill out an online application to begin the certification process.

Element Tai Chi Certification

ETCC All instructors are trained and certified to teach basic tai chi and qigong. Teacher certified instruction deeply enriches the learning experience for every student. This training also provides rich, powerful and transforming training methods, for the teacher-in-training to enjoy inner peace, heal the body and find that perfect balance in life. Experiencing and embodying this balance in life is the greatest gift a new teacher can pass on to future tai chi students.

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